@ University of Duisburg-Essen


Department of Anglophone Studies

Universitaetsstr. 12

45141 Essen



Conference Venue

Glaspavillon (R12 S00 H12)


The venue is located on Essen campus on the first floor of the red building R12, directly to the left of the main entrance.


Getting There


By Public Transport

Inside Essen, it is easiest to get to the venue by trolley or subway: The stops "Rheinischer Platz,"  "Viehofer Platz" (trolley) and "Universtät Essen"

(subway) are all located within easy walking distance.


If you stay at the Bildungshotel, the closest trolley stop is “Katzenbruchstr.” (platform 1, 150 m from hotel). From there, take trolley No.108 in the direction of “Essen Hbf,” and get off at the second stop, “Viehofer Platz.” Turn left and walk up the stairs, do a u-turn and cross the traffic lights to the right, then keep straight. You should be walking past a few small food stores, a record store and an Asian market. Keep walking straight ahead, then turn right into the second street “Gladbecker Str.” Follow it until you see the red buildings of the university on the left-hand side. Crossing the street, you will see a courtyard lined with red pillars: The "Glaspavillon" is the big glass-fronted room to your left.


On Foot

Walking to the venue from the Bildungshotel is also possible and takes about 18 minutes (1.4 km): See the map here.


By Car

A52 from Düsseldorf:


  • exit Essen-Süd
  • follow the signs that say "Universität"


A52 from Essen-Huttrop:


  • exit Essen-Bredeney

  • turn right on Ruhrallee

  • follow the signs that say "Universität"


A40 from Mülheim:


  • exit Essen-Zentrum

  • turn left twice to get to Hans-Böckler-Straße (B224)

  • follow the signs that say "Universität"


A40 from Bochum:


  • exit Essen-Zentrum

  • turn right to follow Hindenburgstr. (underpass beneath the railway tracks)

  • follow the signs that say "Universität"




  • on the highway junction Essen Nord, take Gladbecker Strasse (B224)

  • follow the signs that say "Universität"


Parking is available near the venue on “Universitätsstr.” There is a multi-storey parking garage directly opposite the building.